Planning & Development

Hierarchy of Planning Documents

The hierarchy of documents within the Clive’s land use planning framework is established by the MGA. The MGA requires that each level is consistent with the level above and below it, and that the policies or regulations within planning document(s) at each level may be implemented by those below them in the decision-making process. The MGA provides the legislative authority for municipal land use planning and decision-making, The statutory plans provide future direction for the development and use of lands at the fringe areas of the Clive’s boundaries (IDPs), or within the whole Village of Clive (MDP).  The LUB regulates the use and development of land based on the policy directions of statutory plans, while the Subdivision and Development Regulation regulates subdivision planning in conjunction with the MGA, applicable statutory plans, and the Land Use Bylaw. Where there is a conflict or inconsistency between a higher-level planning document and a lower-level planning document, the higher-level planning document prevails to the extent of the conflict or inconsistency.

Planning Documents

Village of Clive IDP 2018 (Adopted June 25, 2018)

Clive Municipal Development Plan (Adopted May 25 2020)

MDP Map 1 Significant Features

MDP Map 2 Land Use Concept

LUB Bylaw 514-16 Consolidated

Clive Sustainability Plan 2016

All Development within the Village of Clive requires Development & Building Permits.

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