Emergency Management – IMPORTANT

Alberta Emergency Alert 


Please contact the Village office for information to be added to any of the lists. Call 403-784-3366 or email admin@clive.ca

  • Individuals able to assist during an emergency
  • Individuals needing to be assisted during an emergency
  • Businesses or individuals with resources available during an emergency ie. equipment or first aide

The Village Emergency Management Team is trying to compile these lists in the event that we have an large area effecting emergency or an evacuation needs to take place.

72 Hours Guide for Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness

Hazard preparedness

    1. What to do before, during and after an emergency
    2. Wildfires
    3. Tornadoes and extreme winds
    4. Floods
    5. Power and water outages
    6. Thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rain and hail
    7. Blizzards, freezing rain, ice storms and extreme cold

Build an emergency kit

Pet Preparedness

Farm animals and livestock

Raise awareness in your community

Make an emergency plan

Disaster Recovery Program Changes Information Fact Sheet